Dedicated to the memory of Vanessa Stewart

This site is a tribute to our wonderful Vanessa. Please feel free to post memories, photos, and thoughts. 

A Celebration of Vanessa’s Life

Vanessa’s funeral will be on 12th September at 12:00, at The Vale Crematorium. 

Please wear bright colours, no black! 

If you would like, please bring a single flower with you (from your garden or elsewhere) that reminds you of Vanessa or symbolises your relationship with her. During the service there will be an opportunity for everyone to place their flowers on Vanessa’s coffin, to go with her on the next step of her journey. 

The Tour of Britain cycle race is happening that day near Pershore, and although the route doesn’t affect the roads directly next to the crematorium traffic may be heavier in the area so please bear this in mind... You can see the cycle route here and plan your journey accordingly:

If you can't attend the funeral, we will be live streaming it, and the recording will stay on the website for another 28 days after. 

You can watch the service on the 12th September (and up to 28 days after) by logging on to with these details:

Username: the4273

Password: 171599

12th September 2019 at 12:00 pm The Vale Crematorium Evesham Road, Fladbury, WR10 2QR
Reception - The Orangery at the Wood Norton
12th September 2019 at 1:00 pm The Wood Norton Hotel Worcester Road Evesham WR11 4YB Follow the signs for ‘The Orangery’ after you leave the car park.

Instead of funeral flowers we are accepting donations to St. Richard's Hospice who cared for Vanessa so lovingly at the end of her life. There will also be a donation box on the day of the funeral.


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Vanessa, my dearest friend…… Vanessa was my most cherished friend. She was so kind and caring. She was always there for me when I needed her. She was beautiful in every way. Her ethos was ‘as long as you do everything for the good and with love’. We met at Dyson Perrins School on my first day at work. She greeted me with her captivating smile and promptly said “So…..You’re the other Vanessa!?” I knew from that moment we would be friends for life. She would joke and say “I am Vanessa number 1” and of course she was in more ways than I could ever imagine. She had a calmness about her in all situations. If ever I needed advice, I would call her first! I remember the times she would lift my spirits if I felt down and we would laugh together over lunch. However, she was a ‘foodie’ and if the food was not to her liking she would enthusiastically tell me it was…..”Di.....sgust….ing!!” Vanessa was a very independent, brave, warm-hearted, wonderful friend. I will miss her so much…..God bless Vanessa Xxxx
Sent by Vanessa on 17/09/2019
It was a blessing to have you in my life no matter how brief our connection... I will carry a little piece of you in my heart always 💜 love Jo 💜
Sent by Jo on 12/09/2019
If I was asked to sum Vanessa up in one word only, it would be ‘fun’ – fun to be with and fun-loving. Yes, she was many other things too - helpful, kind and caring; honest and trustworthy; understanding and a good friend; but she could never remain serious for too long. I joined Vanessa in Reception at Dyson Perrins almost 20 years ago. She used to tell people that she was a little unsure of me at first, she thought that I was rather quiet and serious. However, on the Friday of my first week, the conversation turned to underwear (goodness knows how) and I happened to mention that I was wearing my ‘Little Miss Naughty’ knickers from the M&S children’s department. That was it – she knew from then that we would get along just fine! Over the years, we have been through good times and bad times, happy and sad times together but we have never been far away from a smile and a joke, and then that well-recognised dirty laugh of Vanessa’s would ring out and all would be well with the world. I have many special memories but one in particular stands out. The Admin team had decided to go to a ‘Join a Party Night’ for Christmas. We ate our Christmas dinner and then the disco began. Vanessa liked to dance and so we spent a short while on the dance floor but she also liked a glass of wine, and she had had a couple of large ones. So, she decided that we ought to sit down for a while. Back at our table, she picked up the remains of a cracker which she proceeded to use as a microphone. Initially, she sang with gusto into the cracker herself but then cajoled others to join her for duets, etc – sometimes these were people who just happened to be walking past our table. Brilliant fun – and so Vanessa! Of course, we were all saddened by the deterioration in Vanessa’s health and how difficult it became for her to find a smile. But Karen and I went to see her a couple of weeks after she moved into the hospice, and for a short while the years fell away and we had the ‘old’ Vanessa back. We were expecting to stay for an hour or so but ended up staying all afternoon! We reminisced about past events and the people we had seen come and go, the pranks, the dressing up, the silly games we had been involved in – and we laughed. We laughed for hours; and we held on to that precious moment for that was our Vanessa, the Vanessa we knew and loved and the Vanessa that I will never forget. God bless her.
Sent by Beverley on 12/09/2019

Instead of funeral flowers we are accepting donations to St. Richard's Hospice who cared for Vanessa so lovingly at the end of her life. There will also be a donation box on the day of the funeral.

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